Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sara Madalin, Soccer & Disney

Back in November, our friends from MS came to visit us.  They are our most frequent guests and we love that.  They are the kind of friends that you can totally be yourself with.  And, when they are here, we get to laugh...A LOT!  It just so happened that this trip was planned around Micah's first birthday party.  They came in the Thursday before and were such a huge help to me.  And, Jonah was totally entertained by Sara Madalin.  They love each other so much.  

They were snuggling in my bed with me one morning and I snapped this picture of her hair.  Have you ever seen anything so wild?  Her momma should get an award for tackling that everyday.  The second picture cracks me up.  It looks like a mug shot.  

One of the truths jokes about their visits is how Reagan comes to cook and clean.  That is only partially true because we do go out to eat some too.  But, when I walked up on Malinda reading him a recipe to enter into his Ipad for the grocery trip, I had to document it.  

And, just for proof, here is one of his yummy meals.  Those mushrooms were the BEST I've ever eaten. The entire meal was incredible.  (Come back, please!)
The morning of Micah's party was one of Jonah's soccer games.  Sara Madalin and Reagan joined us for the big event.  

The next night, Jonah and I went with them to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  I laugh every time I look at the next picture.  Doesn't this just scream "I can't believe I'm at the happiest place on earth?!??!?!"  Seriously, who told them to give us your fakest smile ever!!!

I so wish Dan could have been with us.  Unfortunately, he had a Deacon's Meeting that night and could not miss it.  So, we did the party without him.  It wasn't the same though.  Disney is always better with Danno with us.  Jonah had school the next morning so we didn't stay very late.  We said goodbye to our friends and headed back home.  It was another fun time with friends we love so much.  

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