Thursday, January 5, 2012

My sleeper

Micah is a sleeper!  Like, a serious sleeper.  He slept until well after 11 a.m. numerous times during Jonah's break from school.  (I attribute that to the lack of scurrying around outside his door in the attempt to get Jonah out the door for school.)  Right now, a typical (sleep/wake) day looks like this for him.

9:15  up for the day
11:00  nap
12:30  up
2:30  nap
5-5:30  up
8:30  bed

I, along with all of my friends are amazed at how much he sleeps.  I would think it was a fluke but he has always slept well.  But, now, it just seems to be over the top.  But, on New Years Eve, I saw this and wonder if it might be the contributing factor.

Yep, the kid LOVES bananas.  He would eat 10 a day if I would let him.  If he sees one, he yells "NANA, NANA, NANA!"  Oh, and he won't say MAMA but he has no problem with nana!!  So, there you have it.  Maybe it really is the banana?!?!

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