Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jaxon's 5th Birthday Party at LegoLand

Just recently, LegoLand Florida opened it's doors.  We got an invitation to visit during their preview for free so I could blog about it.  But, the time didn't work for our family so we missed it.  Then, just a few weeks later, we got a birthday invitation for a party to be held there.  Our neighbor, Jaxon invited us to his 5th birthday party on December 22.  So, we all loaded up and headed that direction.  

The party was held in a room close to the front of the park.  So, we had pizza, cake and presents right as we arrived.  After we celebrated Jaxon's birthday, we all headed into the park for a full day of fun.  

Micah got to ride his first carousel horse.  And, in the words of Jonah, he was much a fan!  He thought that was super fun.  

As you can imagine, the park was FULL of lego creations.  They were amazing.  

I knew the day would wear Micah out at some point so I brought something to keep me busy while he rested...thank you notes!  I got to spend an hour sitting at a table writing notes while Micah slept.  
When he woke up, he was raring to go.  The thing I like most about LegoLand were all the playgrounds and play areas scattered throughout the park.  They even had a lego room just for toddlers.  And, since it wasn't too busy, we were the only ones in that room.  

It even snowed as we were walking out.  Nothing like Christmas music blaring and snow falling while you wear shorts and sweat.  Welcome to life in Florida.  :-)

On our way out, we rode the old Cypress Gardens staple.  Dan stayed on the ground with Micah.  The last few pictures were taken way up high in the sky.  

Happy Birthday, Jax.  Thanks for inviting us to your super fun birthday party.  How can anyone top a party at LegoLand?  

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