Wednesday, December 14, 2011

South Carolina Trip- Part Two (Thanksgiving Day)

See these kiddos?  They LOVED playing together!  They went 90 to nothing the entire trip.  Even just sitting on the couch was an adventure to them.  It was a few days FULL OF FUN!
Amelia and Jonah got to help Allison do a little cooking.  Those two love to help in the kitchen so this was right up their alley.  

We got out mid afternoon and walked to the playground in their neighborhood.  Doug and Allison live on a golf course so it was great to just walk out their backdoor and walk across the course to the playground.  The kids loved running and playing and being out in the open.  

After a couple of hours on the playground, we started the walk back to their house.  The course was empty because of it being Thanksgiving day so they had free reign.  

Love this picture of the brothers with their five kiddos.  (Even though the two on the shoulders refused to look at the camera and everyone else was squinting due to the sun.  Am I a "faux"tog or what?)

We had our big Thanksgiving meal that night and Allison totally outdid herself.  It was a total can-free meal and was just fabulous.  She is quite the cook and we all enjoyed it.  Jonah ate like he hadn't eaten in weeks.  

After dinner, the kids were in FULL play mode!  They even created a little "pen" for Micah to contain him.  (For a few minutes anyway!)  It was such a fun day with our family.  We all have much to be thankful for.  One of our biggest thanks was being with family and enjoying our time with them. 

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