Friday, December 16, 2011

South Carolina Trip- Part Three

We got up the day after Thanksgiving and headed to Greenville to the Children's Museum.  Doug had to work that day so he missed out on the fun.  Since moving to Florida, the boys have been to 4-5 different museums for kids and they really enjoy them.  Allison told me this is one of the top rated museums in the nation.  It really was nice.  

So, do you think these two could be brother and sister?  Wowzers!  They so look alike to me!

Just a day or so prior to this, Micah started REALLY walking.  He was still wobbly but walking was his new preferred mode of travel.  So, he took steps all over the museum.  

While Jonah was landing the space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center, Allison came to say her girls were getting hungry so they were heading out.  There were still some things Jonah wanted to do so we said our goodbyes to them and kept exploring.  

All of the fun wore this little guy OUT!  He was asleep within seconds of hitting his car seat.  We drove through downtown Greenville to check it out on our search for a place to eat lunch.  We looked on Yelp and found the highest rated place and headed that way.  Unfortunately, it was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, we landed at McAllister's instead.  It was only after we ordered and sat down that Dan informed me he doesn't even really like McAllister's.  

After lunch, we went back to Doug & Allison's and spent some time outside then got to play, play, play with those little girl cousins.  

The next picture is blurry but I had to include it because Jonah had a BIG time playing with Barbies.  He loved them.  I think because it was different and because he is so into imaginative play.  So, that was super fun for him.  

We got up early on our last morning and hit the road by 8:30.  We stopped in Savannah for lunch at The Pirate's House.  I told Jonah to stand under the sign and smile.  But, he reminded me that pirates don't smile.  Thus, the one picture with a smiler and one with the mean face boy!

Both boys needed a little break by the time we hit Jacksonville so we pulled up Krispy Kreme on the GPS and headed there.  We got there just in time to see the donuts being made.  As you can see, Jonah thoroughly  enjoyed his powdered donut!

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