Saturday, December 31, 2011

My new DSLR

A few months ago, I put my DSLR camera in the bag in our closet and as I turned to walk away, I accidentally pulled the strap of the bag and the camera dumped out.  It hit the floor...HARD!  I immediately felt tears well up in my eyes.  This happened in the midst of a crazy time for our family and it just seemed to be one more thing that didn't go well.  But, before I could even cry about it, I made up my mind to have a little perspective.  

This camera was a gift to me from Dan just a few months after Jonah was born.  He totally surprised me and I loved it.  But, even with the emotional attachment to the camera, I decided that a camera is a small thing in the grand scheme of life.  I decided that my kids were healthy, I had an amazing husband and my life was actually pretty incredible.  So, even if I never got to take another picture, then life would be okay.  Seriously, I had all of those thoughts while sitting in my closet.  I knew it was broken but I willed myself to be okay.  

Dan, knowing how much I use a camera, encouraged me to go get another one.  But, it just wasn't in the budget.  In the meantime, I sent a message to one of my photographer friends asking what she would get if she were me.  She knows I never want to be a photographer but that I take TONS of pictures of my kids.  She sent me her recommendation and I started doing some research.  Then, just two weeks ago, we were quite surprised to receive an incredible gift that allowed us to purchase the camera.  I decided to do a little more research for the best price.  I even shopped at some local places before finally ordering it online a couple of days ago.  It arrived today.  I'm in love.  Although, I have no idea how to use it yet.  These are straight out of the camera shots with no editing.  

So, if you wonder what I'll be doing for the next couple of weeks, then you can just imagine me curled up on my chaise with a camera, Youtube tutorials, a book about my camera and a couple of cute little subjects.  I can't wait!!!


debbie brocato said...

wonderful pictures, they are getting soo them both. loved my christmas card. happy new year 2012 hope it is a great one.....debbie and johnnie

Barb said...

Great pics! What a blessing to have a new camera.

Baylee's Mommy said...

Great photos! What kind did you buy?


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