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Christmas Day, 2011

I'm not sure you can see it, but we stuck with the 3 gifts from Santa again this year.  I love that idea because it gives us another chance to talk about the true meaning of Christmas with the boys in the midst of opening gifts.  Jonah got a Nintendo DS (or and Intended DS as he calls it), an Imaginext Space To and Star Wars Legos.

Micah got a Vtech steering wheel, a See and Say and a Radio Flyer rocking horse.  That crazy rocking horse has been in our way for a solid year.  I found it on clearance the week after Christmas at Wal-Mart last year.  By buying it then, I got it for $25 rather than $70.  
As packages arrived in the mail over the last couple of weeks, I just put them under the tree.  So, before going to bed, I pulled them all out and separated them.  Everything for Jonah was on the left and Micah on the right.  You'll notice there are no pictures of the boys sitting with everything because WE HAD TO WAKE THEM!!  Finally, at 8 a.m., we could stand it no longer and just went in to get them up.  
I made sure to continue the tradition of the first picture on Christmas morning.  The only problem was the flash hurt his eyes and he quickly covered them.  Oh well, regardless of how it turned out, it was still the first picture.  
Micah's picture was a little sweeter than Jonah's.  He heard us walk into his room, jumped up, leaned his head on the crib and then reached up for his daddy because he just wanted to snuggle for a little bit.  

I went back to Jonah's room to see if he was ready to get up and this is what I got.  He was a little sleepy I guess?!?
Before leaving his room, I snapped a picture of his tree.  It was decorated with all the ornaments he has made over the years along with fun ornaments that he picked out or was given.  
And, not to be outdone, Micah had a tree in his room also.  His was made by Jonah's "good friend" Susan.  She gave it to Jonah last year.  It has cars all over it and even has a CARS tree skirt.  It worked perfect in Micah's room this year and Jonah was nice enough to share with him. 
After a quick diaper change, we were all excited about getting to the living room to check things out.  

Jonah's first words were "WHAT?  A space toy?  I've wanted that my whole life!"  Ummm, okay?  I've never heard him mention that and I certainly never knew it was a lifelong dream of his.  And Micah, well, that little boy was just thrilled with everything.  He LOVED his horse.  

Before Jonah touched 2 of his 3 gifts, he opened Max's stocking and started giving him all of his gifts.  Then, he moved on to everyone else and their stockings.  We had to make him sit down and play with his things.  It was sweet to see him care about what everyone else got.  

Dan captured the sweetest picture of my baby boy leaning on my leg.  He was up WAY earlier than usual and was apparently a little tired.  

I put some of those pouches of squeeze fruit puree in Micah's stocking.  He literally started salivating and licking his lips when he saw it.  Look at him.  He has them clutched in both hands!!  And, then as he played, he held one package of food with one hand and a toy with the other.  

He also got some Gerber fruit strips that made him quite happy.  I guess I could have filled his stocking totally with food and just made his day!!

In the midst of playing his new game, Jonah remembered the cookies and milk he left for Santa and ran into the kitchen to see if he had eaten them or not.  He was thrilled to discover they were gone and replaced with a note from Santa.  
We typically have a breakfast casserole for breakfast on holiday mornings but we knew we would be rushed with all we had to do and attempting to get out the door on time so I made a trip to Dunkin Donuts Saturday.

Micah had to excuse himself from the festivities long enough to get a breathing treatment.  Poor guy just handles it in stride now.  

Jonah shopped for all of us at the Santa Shop at his school.  I sent $15 with him and marked on the sheet that he was buying for mom, dad and baby brother.  He came home with our gifts and exclaimed "I got all three of you gifts and they gave me money just for coming!!!"  I didn't have the heart to tell him that was his change.  He thinks they paid him to come shop.  He got Micah a light up ball that he loves.  

How do you like these night vision goggles?  Yep, Santa was super smart and filled his stocking with all the things he won (but didn't know about) at his school fundraiser this year.  He sold enough things to win about 10 prizes and they all made their way into his stocking.  Good thinking, Santa!

Please look at Micah's face in the next picture.  He just loved watching Jonah open his gifts.  He squealed when Jonah laughed.  He laughed when Jonah ripped the paper.  It was great.  

We attempted to have both boys sit with Dan as he read the Christmas story to them but one boy was not at all interested in the true meaning of Christmas.  HE WANTED DOWN!

We had to quickly get dressed in order to get to church for our Christmas Day worship service.  It was 85 degrees and so hot.  Do you hear me?  85 DEGREES!! Ugh!  But, Micah took one for the team and wore his cordurory Christmas jumper just so I could feel better about buying it and getting at least one wear out of it.  

I had a cute picture of Reggie and a 6 week old Micah from last Christmas.  I tried to recreate the moment.  This is a very accurate portrayal of Micah as a 13 month old toddler.  

I left my camera in the nursery for them to take some pics.  There were several cute ones of Micah and his fav...Ms. Donna!

When I got there to pick him up, they said "Ummm, you'll notice there are some of Micah in just his diaper.  He was really hot!"  Have I mentioned it was 85 on Christmas day??  85!!!

I grabbed him from the nursery then we went into the sanctuary for a while.  He was pouring sweat by then.  So, on the way to the car, we stripped him down and let him just wear a diaper for the ride home.  It was 85, ya know??  :-)
We ran to our house, changed clothes quickly then headed out the door to Frank and Margie's house for lunch.  We had several invitations from church members for lunch and dinner but really only had time for a couple of stops.  So, we went with the first two offers.  It was another wonderful time with the Wood family.

Colton didn't get to enjoy any of the yummy Christmas food but he did enjoy all the fun at the table.  He and Micah sat next to each other and kept the other one entertained.  
Pap and Jonah worked hard to figure out the new DS.  

While Colton napped, Nicole snapped this picture of me and Jen.  She then exclaimed "Y'all are wearing Easter colors!"  HA!  That's what you do when it feels like a summer day!!!

My boys were once again smothered with love and gifts by this sweet family.  Micah slept through the first part of the gifts but Jonah made sure to open his things...and anyone else who would let him. 

All three guys worked for a long time to transform the transformers.  It was apparently quite difficult.  

I looked up at one point and Jonah was nowhere to be found.  Dan and Pap were still "playing!"

Look at little Colton watching Jonah.  He's such a sweet baby.  

We went outside to feed the sandhill cranes.  Micah didn't have his shoes on and has apparently developed an aversion to walking in grass.  He refused to take steps in the grass so he got left behind.  He did not like that one bit!

See what I mean?

He finally just sat down and refused to budge so I picked him up and we moved to the hammock.  

We said our goodbyes and thank yous then headed to our final stop of the day.  

As we were leaving, I realized I left something in the living room so I walked in to get it.  I'm so glad I had my camera because this is what I saw.  Yep, four people trying to get Colton to smile at the camera.  HA!

We got to the Hallstrom's house right as they were about to eat dinner. We were TOTALLY stuffed but as everyone knows, you NEVER pass up Beth's cooking.  So, we forced ourselves to eat! So worth it!  After dinner, the boys opened gifts from them.  We were once again, overwhelmed with the love shown to our family.  It was a perfect end to a busy but fun Christmas Day!

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