Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

What do you do with your Christmas cards each year?  

All of those cards came to us last year during the Holiday season.  There were about 250 that graced our mailbox and made our Christmas season Merry and Bright.  We looked at them many times. They made us smile.  Some were from friends right here in DeLand.  Some were from college or high school friends who we haven't seen in ages.   Some were from former church members.  Some were from family.  Some were photo cards and some were store bought cards.  Some were picked out specifically for us and some were the same card that everyone else got.  But, they all told a story.  They came from people we love and care about.  They came from people who mean something to our family.  They came from people who shaped us.  They came from people that we have had the privilege of ministering to over the years.  

Just yesterday, we got our first (see photo above) Christmas Card of this season.  (Shout out to the Forare Family for  being ON. THE. BALL!!!)  I came in and removed all of the cards you saw in the first picture.  I took them out of their basket and replaced them with our first card from the mail,  along with a card Jonah made.  That basket sits in the center of our table.  Now, each time our family sits down for a meal, we pull a card and pray for that family.  Over the course of the year, each card will be pulled a few times and that family/person will be prayed for by our family.  

I love doing this.  It gives us an opportunity to be Intercessors for our friends and family.  It creates conversation over meal times about special memories/qualities/characteristics of the people we just prayed for.  It helps Jonah remember people that we live far from.  It introduces Micah to people he may not know.  Most of all, it gives us a chance to thank God for the sender and for all they mean to our family.  

What about you?  What do you do with your cards each year?

(Edited to add...
When we are really ambitious, we text the people on the card and ask for specific requests from them.  We write those requests down and keep a log of requests and answered prayers!  We tend to do better with this when life isn't as busy.)


jenny winstead said...

i'm SO doing this!

Geoff and Jenn said...

My pastor's wife and I were just talking about this the other night and she does the exact same thing you do! I always just hung ours up during the season and then took them down and was never sure what to do with them. I love the idea!!

Barb said...

I love this idea! I usually put photo cards on my fridge, where they tend to stay until the next year's cards start arriving. Non-photo cards get put away after the holidays. Now I think I may steal this idea.

Oh, and I'll make sure you get one of my Christmas cards this year :)

Jo said...

That is a very clever idea!

Shara said...

I love reading Kelly's Korner everyday and can't believe I found your blog linked to hers. Hope you and your family are doing ok and wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Love from Liberty, MS

Shara Baggett

Marla said...

I love this idea! Love how you pray over the families and that the cards are used past the Christmas season!

maureen said...

What a wonderful idea!! I am going to start this tradition with my family today! Thanks!

Gabrielle said...

We do this too!! But once we pray for the family, we put the picture on the side of the fridge so that we can enjoy them year round.

Jami Ainsworth said...

What a wonderful idea. And an even bigger incentive to make sure you get ours. It is very refreshing and comforting knowing we are being prayed for and what a wonderful legacy you are leaving for your boys.


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