Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I love 3. 6. 9 & 12 month photos

I was just looking (again!) through the 9 month photos taken by David at Hansen Fine Portraits and just smiled when I saw this.  For about 3 weeks, this is what we saw each time we looked at Micah.  There was a tooth beginning to poke through and apparently he couldn't keep his tongue away from it.  When I saw the proofs the day after this sitting, I giggled.  This is SO him at that stage of his life.  And, I'm so glad David captured it.

We are just days away from Micah's one year portrait session with David (after rescheduling three times due to sickness!)  I can only imagine what fun images and exact "Micah looks" he will capture on that day.  And, I'm taking the big brother along in hopes of a beautiful picture of the two of them for over my fireplace.  

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