Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swinging and Light Saber fights

One day last week, the weather was TOO beautiful to keep the boys inside after they got home from school.  So, I delayed Micah's nap for a while and we headed outside to play.  Our neighbors heard me mention the idea of putting a swingset/fort in our back yard for my kids and quickly devised a plan to put a gate between our houses so we could use theirs instead.  Seriously, the best neighbors EVER!  So, we walked out the back door and over to their yard for afternoon fun!

There was lots of swinging and lots of light saber fighting.  There were giggles and screams.  Micah seemed to have the most fun of all of us.  He loves his swing and could stay out there for hours.  Rylan Carlos wanted to take picture with my camera so he snapped this one of me with my favorite five year old.  Jonah, of course, could not be outdone so he made Rylan Carlos sit with me for another picture.  Rylan was not nearly as thrilled with that as he was taking the picture!!

It was another fun Tuesday afternoon with three smelly little boys.  I guess this is only a preview of my years to come!

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