Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The other Glenn family visits

Back in October, Dan's brother and his family came down from South Carolina to visit.  This was Micah's first chance to meet Allison, Ella, Amelia and Audrey.  He met Doug when he was just 7 weeks old.  And, we had not seen their girls since January of 2010.  It was time!!  The most noticeable growth came from Audrey.  She was just over a year old when we saw her last and now, she is three years old!  (As of today!  Happy Birthday Audrey!)  Since they were here during the school year, Jonah still had to get up and go to school while everyone else got to play.  

Little Mills (Amelia) and I have been big buddies over the years.  When I'm around, she is usually close behind.  Love her!
They spent a day at the Magic Kingdom and a couple of days at Sea World.  This picture was taken on their way out the door for day one at Sea World.  Fortunately, we all joined them on the second day after Jonah got out of school.  

They left early that morning and enjoyed the park for several hours before we arrived.  So, we stopped for a few pictures before meeting up with them at the Dolphin Experience.  

And of course, we ALWAYS have to find a map ASAP after arriving.  

We met up with them a little earlier than our scheduled Dolphin feeding time so we spent some time letting them touch the sting rays.  

Amelia (initially) did not want to feed the dolphins so she joined me at the Underwater viewing area.  She and Micah enjoyed watching the dolphins play. 

After a while, she decided that she DID want to be part of that so she joined the rest of them and Allison and Audrey joined us on the opposite side of the dolphin tank.  I was there because it was a prime location for capturing their faces and expressions as they got to feed the dolphins.  My camera has a great zoom so all of the pictures look very close but we were actually a good distance away.  

This picture makes me laugh.  See any family resemblance where hair is concerned?

After feeding the dolphins, we stopped for a few snacks before making our trek to the other side of the park to see Shamu.  

With the exception of Amelia, the other four kids could ALL be siblings and interchangeable family members.  Ella and Jonah favor SO much.  We have several baby pictures of them with towels on their heads that make it difficult to tell which is which.  And, now that Micah is here, he and Audrey seem to be looking so much alike.  

We always say that Doug could take Micah and Jonah anywhere and people would certainly assume they belong to him.  Don't you agree?

I so wish this picture wasn't shadowy.  Otherwise, it could be a great picture of two brothers with their five kiddos.  Maybe we can capture this today or tomorrow since we are with them for Thanksgiving.  

We finished the park about the time we all got hungry.  So, we left and headed to Don Pablos for a yummy mexican dinner.  

The kids were happy to get home later that night so they could play for a little bit before bedtime.  The girls didn't seem to mind the lack of girl toys and abundance of boy toys.  

The next morning, we all got up and got busy getting ready for the day.  They had to start the 8 hour journey back home and we had to head to the soccer fields and a birthday party.  

It was such a fun time with our family who lives TOO FAR AWAY!  But, we do enjoy the time we get together and watching our kids love each other and play together is so sweet.  Fun times!

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