Thursday, November 17, 2011

Micah's 1st Birthday Party

I'm sure you saw the slideshow created by Karrah using some of the pictures from Micah's first birthday. Here are more of the pictures from the big day.  I'm so in love with how these turned out and the beautiful memories I have to remember this day.

I started planning this party 6+ months ago.  Birthdays are HUGE to me so when I started looking for a theme, I jumped in feet first!  Once I decided on the red wagon theme, everything just started coming together.  I loved the red/blue color scheme.  I wasn't sure if it was too girly looking but I figured I could pull it off for the first birthday.  Right?  (Don't tell me otherwise since it is already done!  HA!)

I was so happy that our friends from Mississippi flew in for Micah's big day.  They were planning a trip here this fall and I guilted asked them to come for Micah's birthday party so we would have someone from home here.  They were such a HUGE help to me in the days leading up to the party.  I'm so very glad they were here.  And, these two L.O.V.E.D. playing together and spending time together.  

There were several things that didn't make it outside due to the excessive wind.  I kept blowing over my beautiful glass containers full of blue/red things.  So, I had to remove them.  And, two hours after the party ended, Reagan sent me a text mentioning the strawberries, twizzlers and marshmallows.  Yep, I spent three hours making blue/white covered strawberries, red/blue dipped marshmallows and ribbon tied twizzlers but they never made it out of the fridge.  Oh well.  They would have been a lovely accent on the table.  

The banner had a picture of Micah from Newborn until 12 months old.  I was so pleased that I actually remembered to take a picture in the same chair on the 9th of every month.  So, those pictures were actual representations of how he looked at each month.  I saw an idea on Pinterest using letters, modge podge and printed photos.  I think it turned out beautifully.  It was one of the most talked about crafty things at the party.  

One of the fun things about living in Florida is being close to family we have always lived away from.  My first cousin, Brandy came (along with her girls, mom and dad) to celebrate Micah's first birthday with us.  These two little ones are just a couple of weeks apart.  My grandmother has 8 grandchildren.  I'm her oldest granddaughter and Brandy is the youngest.  So, it is kind of random that we have two babies so close together.  
Miller and Micah were not the least bit happy about being put down in the grass to have a picture taken together.  These little guys have spent hours together each week of their lives.  I can hardly wait to see their relationship grow and develop over the years.  I'm sure they will end up in some sort of group therapy over their mother's constant desire to put them in "fancy" clothes.  We were going for a picture that was similar to one we got of the two of them next to a tree at Miller's first party.  They were not into a repeat of this!  I told Karrah to please include these pictures because they are so telling of this age.  

It was so sweet to see so many friends come and love on our little boy.  He has certainly been blessed with so many people to love and care for him over the first year of his life.  

Even though Micah couldn't use it as his party, I was glad I thought about getting a small bounce house. The older kids loved it.  Especially Jonah!

Before we let Micah "SMASH" his cake, Dan thanked all of our friends and family for their love and investment in Micah's first year.  It was such a blessing to me to look out at the sea of faces who have been so involved in the first year of his life by loving him and supporting our family.  He then prayed a sweet blessing over the food and thanked God for all the people who stood with us.

And, what party is complete with a little difficulty with the party hat?  A certain one year old was not thrilled to have the thing put on his head.  It was quite the ordeal getting it there.

Dude LOVED his cake!  He gives new meaning to the term"smash" cake.  He would have eaten as long as we left him there.  We finally took it away from him.  

I felt sure he would be full on walking by his birthday but he wasn't.  He did take a few steps here and there but he mostly enjoyed being carried by all his friends.  I was glad Karrah captured some of those steps he did take.  

I love this picture of my beautiful friend, Aja!  The births of our sweet boys have helped us discover a beautiful friendship.  She is one of the best mommas I have ever known.  I'm so glad my little boys have the chance to be influenced by her.

Some of our friends came in their red & white convertible and suggested we do some pictures in it.  I'm so glad they did.  I can honestly say that we returned it to them with a substantially more amount of drool than when they arrived.  There were tons of these pictures and I just love them.  I'll post more of these later.

Can't you just imagine these two boys some fifteen years from now sitting in a car together and adjusting the radio just like this?

The next picture just makes my heart happy.  As each year passes, I'm more and more grateful for the gift of this incredible man in my life.  He is such a wonderful daddy and makes the lives of our boys so happy, entertaining, fun and eventful.  They are blessed to have him as their dad and I'm SO blessed to have him as my husband.

It really was such a wonderful day.  Minus the wind, the weather was perfect.  Our little boy's life was celebrated, we were surrounded by people we love and we were full of joy!  


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the red wagon checkered outfit?

The Glenn Gang said...

I got it at a little shop in Savannah, GA when we were there on vacation. I can't find a website but the phone is (912) 234-5343

Carly said...

Where did you get his little party hat?! So cute!

The Glenn Gang said...

I made it. I used an online tutorial. I can't find the exact one but this is close.

Andrea Jean said...

Hi! I found this post through Pinterest while looking for inspiration for my son's Little Red Wagon 1st Birthday Party.

Now, I know this is a long shot, but work trying: do you by any chance still have the wagon Jon Jon that he wore? And if so, do you have any interest in selling it? I've been looking everywhere for a smocked Jon Jon for my little man to wear and I can't find one anywhere!

If you happen to be interested in selling it please email me at


Sherry Schwartze said...

Hi. I found your post through Pinterest. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style. I love all of your attention to detail. Can you tell me where you found the "1" candle for the smash cake? It is perfect.

Thanks so much for sharing. WOW! You throw a hell of a party.


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