Friday, November 11, 2011

Micah's actual (1st) birthday

On a typical (non church, non soccer, non play date, non meeting) day, Micah wakes up anywhere from 8:45-10:30 a.m.  Since his first birthday happened to fall on a school day, we decided to wake him up and have breakfast with him before Dan and Jonah left for the day.  Micah, as you will see in the video that is to come, was not overly thrilled with this idea.  Right before I walked into his room to wake him, my mom called in hopes of doing some Facetime on our phones so she and my grandmother could see him and wish him happy birthday.  I told her we were about to wake him and sing to him but we would call her in fifteen minutes.  Rather than call on the phone, we used Dan's computer to call her phone so the boys could see a bigger picture.  

After to talking to them for a while, Micah got to dive into his yummy breakfast of pancakes and yogurt. He got to experience his first meal on the red plate.  

If there is anything that little boy loves, it is FOOD!  His little body trembles sometimes as I put him in the high chair.  I've had two polar opposite children when it comes to food and I'll take a good eater ANY DAY!  Jonah enjoyed his pancakes and sausage while Micah stuffed food in his mouth so quickly that he got choked.  
Jonah was sad to leave Micah on his birthday but was happy when we told him we would all meet him for lunch at his school in just a few hours.  After a quick kiss goodbye, he was out the door with his dad.  
Dan picked up pizza and I picked up a cake and we all met at Jonah's school for lunch.  We ate outside on the stage while the rest of his class ate in the cafeteria.  

Micah quickly dumped his pizza off of his plate and onto the concrete.  This, however, did not deter him from eating it anyway.  But, as you will see, Dan and Jonah both reached to stop that.  

I somehow neglected to grab a knife to cut the cake so I just gave the boys spoons and let them go from there.  Micah went head first into the cake and Dan barely stopped him from being covered.  I can hardly wait to see him with his smash cake on Saturday at his party.  

Keeping him out of the cake became to big of a chore so I moved him to the stroller and strapped him in.   Besides, Jonah's time with us was nearing an end so we strolled closer to the door where they would come out so we could wait.  The boys spent that time playing peek a boo!

We said goodbye to Jonah and Dan headed back to work.  It was less than an hour until time for me to get back in the pick up line since it was early release day.  So, rather than going home, Micah and I went to TJ Maxx for a few minutes.  He was in a jolly mood!

When we got home, the boys played in one of the wagons I borrowed for Micah's party.  Jonah really wanted to go on a wagon ride around the neighborhood in this wagon but it doesn't have seat belts like ours does and I don't particularly trust the kid on the left when he isn't restrained.  
After Micah had a really long nap, we headed back to church for dinner and Wednesday night services.  We stopped to take a few pictures outside once we got there.  

Just look at their little feed with matching shoes.  GiGi gave Micah his first real pair of big boy New Balance shoes for his birthday.  They are just like Jonah's.  I thought that was so cute to see my big boys with the same shoes.  
We sat down for dinner (earlier than most people) and Micah was thrilled to discover a big plate of his favorite beans and Macaroni and Cheese made by Mrs. Marjorie.  She even came over for a picture with him on his first birthday.  The only thing missing was his best friend Miller who was at Disney for the day.

Before he was even born, his NeNe bought this bib and mailed it to him.  I've held on to it for over a year and pulled it out yesterday for him.  He will wear it at his party too.  

We headed to the nursery after dinner and this little guy was SO happy to see three of his favorite nursery workers.  They have loved him and cared for him over the past year.  You can tell by the smile on his face that he adores all of them.  I left my camera and they took a few pictures during his time in there with them. 

As the Wednesday service was ending, it hit me that I had not given my baby a gift on his first birthday.  Yes, I know...he doesn't know, care or won't remember.  But, I will.  I was immediately sad.  I was trying to figure out how to get to WalMart quickly enough to get back home before his bedtime so he could open a gift on his first birthday.  I told Margie and she said "I have his gift in the car.  Want me to go get it?"  It just so happened that it was wrapped too.  PERFECT!  
He was so stinkin' cute standing with that gift and smiling at us.  (Which, by the way, he looks like a total preacher's kid opening his very first birthday gift in the sanctuary at church!!)
He ripped the first piece of paper, stared at it, got bored with the whole thing and then crawled away.  Typical, huh?

It was a pretty special day for a very special little boy.  I'm grateful for the year I have had with him and can hardly wait to celebrate his life at his party later this week.  Stay tuned for a massive celebration post in just a few days.  

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