Friday, November 25, 2011

Jonah & Micah with Santa 2011


Mitch & Brandy Ramos said...

Glad Micah liked him. Bella didn't want anything to do with him lol!

Barb said...

You have the BEST Santa!

Penny said...

These are as awesome as last years. I LOVE the ones of Micah and Santa studying each other and the ones with Santa and Jonah sharing secrets. Jonah is the best little actor! lol
It makes me so sad we don't have this kind of Santa station here. Poor Leon's first Christmas he was held by a one-eyed raggedy Santa at the Natchez mall that totally creeped me out. We chose the McComb mall the second time and when we got the "best" picture~ Santa's eyes were closed! They wouldn't allow us to take any pictures! :(
Maybe I should put Leon on a plane to visit you and let you take him to your Santa. ;)

Bonnie Kicker said...

Where is this Santa?!? He is the sweetest Santa I have ever seen! I love these pictures and the ones from last year!


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