Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bella's First Birthday

Three weeks ago, we traveled to Tampa for my cousin's first birthday party.  Bella was born just two weeks before Micah so these two will spend their years attending each other's parties just weeks apart.  

Bella's party theme was Minnie Mouse, so the boys were decked out in their Mickey shirts.  I didn't put Micah in his until we go there so I was a bit surprised to discover it barely covered his belly.  Oops!

The party was at a perfect location...the playground!  Nothing entertains kids of all ages quite like swings and slides.  

My aunt thought WAY ahead and brought a playpen full of toys to contain entertain the little ones.  

Mia, the big sister was not all too interested in having a picture taken.  She was all about those swings and wasn't overly thrilled to stop swinging in order to come do cake.  

See how happy she is now that she is back in the swing.  She giggled so much on those things.  
Dan leaned Micah in to give Bella a kiss and my little food lover went straight for her gold fish instead.  No wonder he is so heavy!  

Jonah's favorite part of the day was being a "server person" who gave out food and cake.  He still talks about this.  Sweet boy loved helping Sissy give out the cake.  

While Bella wasn't overly impressed with her birthday cake, Micah loved it.  He would have eaten it as long as Sissy fed it to him.  Little did we know what kind of precursor this would be to the cake at his party.  

Micah was taking one or two steps at a time on the day of the party so Sissy tried to help him take a few more.  She was convinced he would be fully walking by his party.  He is now up to 4-5 steps at a time but not fully walking on his own yet.  It won't be long though.  

Thanks for a fun party, Bella!  We're so glad you were born!!

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