Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beans, Baths & Blood

A few weeks ago, Dan attended the Fall Associational meeting in Orange City.  While he was gone, I fed the boys dinner but they were still hungry so I opened a can of green beans.  They both love them.  Well, at least they did.  As of today, Micah refused to eat them.  So, who knows?  But, at the time of these pictures, they loved them.  By the time the meal was over, they were sufficiently nasty.  So, while Jonah put his plate away and got all of his clothes off, I started Micah's bath.  

I got him sparkly (well, maybe not actually sparkly) clean and then just let him play for a bit.  Jonah came and joined the fun so sat there and watched them.  Micah kept standing up and I kept making him sit.  He did not like this.  We did it 30+ times before I decided I was tired of that game.  So, I told Jonah he could play for a while while I got Micah dried off, lotioned up and ready for bed.  

Except, while I was holding Micah (while still in the tub) with one hand and drying him with the other, he squirmed away from me and fell face first onto the side of the tub.  He was still in the water when this happened, so it wasn't a far fall.  But, he hit hard enough to do some damage.  
I knew Dan was unavailable so I quickly called my neighbors.  They rushed over and helped me decide whether it was worth a trip to the ER or not.  Ray is pretty efficient in emergencies (military background) and totally calmed me down.  Honestly, I didn't really panic but I was just afraid to make the wrong decision about going to the ER.  We decided it was a clean line on the crease of his eye and we were able to stop the bleeding so there wasn't a need for a hospital visit.  

He only cried when I tried to hold him down to take a picture to send Dan at his meeting.  Once I let go of him, he was fine.  He had a black eye for a few days and looked like he had been in a fight but other that that, he was completely okay.  I'd love to say I can breathe now but I'm afraid this little bruiser is gonna meet his deductible early in the year EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR!

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