Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Monday Afternoon...

Several weeks ago, we decided to forgo the long afternoon nap for the baby boy and instead opt for a quick nap then lots of fun outside.  The weather was beautiful and we were all thrilled to head outdoors for a little while.  We pulled the wagon out, got Micah buckled in and then headed out for a ride.  
We didn't make it very far because our across the street neighbors were outside in their front yard.  Jonah wanted to stop and play rather than ride around for a while.  So, we did!  Micah was just fine with that decision.  

After being outside for a little while, I ran home and grabbed popsicles for all the kids.  (except Micah!)

As I was snapping pictures, Aaron came over and sat in my lap and said "let's take one of us!"  So, we did!

After a while, our other neighbors came home and joined in on the fun.  Jaxon was thrilled to see some neighborhood fun going on.  

A certain little baby boy was practicing standing and taking a few steps.  Mostly he just fell down a lot!

Mandy keeps the Forare kiddos every Monday afternoon so Jonah and Micah were quite happy to see her there too.  

One of the kids left their Capri Sun beside the wagon and Micah found it and drank it within seconds.  Emma showed him how to take the straw out and put it back in.  

Dan got home from work around 5:30 and walked right over for the fun.  They began a rousing game of tug of war in which Jonah never removed his helmet?!?!

After all the parents made it in from work, Dan loaded the boys in the wagon and set off on the original plan of a ride around the neighborhood.  That kept them busy while I cooked dinner.  Dan started off with the camera but when I uploaded the pictures, I discovered many taken by Jonah.  I'll let you guess which ones.  

Just another great afternoon in our neighborhood with some pretty great people and my wonderful family!  Lots of fun!

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Aja said...

I heard about this day from Mandy. Glad Max survived to tell about it!


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