Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunch with my big boy

One of the things I love about Jonah's school is their "open lunch policy!"  This may be true of every school but I love that it is at his.  Parents can go to school any day of the week to eat with their child.  (Maybe grandparents too?)  You have the option to eat in the cafeteria with them or you can take them outside.  I planned to eat in the cafeteria so I could talk to his friends.  But, he quickly informed me that he wanted to eat outside.  So, we did!  :-) 

Nice burger in the teeth!!!

That little brother sure adores his big brother.  He watches every move he makes.  He giggles and gasps when he sees him.  It is so very sweet to watch them interact.  

Jonah didn't have a french fry until he was almost two.  Micah got one from his brother at 10 months.  

And, apparently he liked it!

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jenny winstead said...

I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU AND JONAH! that's a framer for sure! cole's school is NOT an open lunch policy. :(


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