Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Labor Day 2011

We got up early on Labor Day morning and headed west for a fun filled morning at The Magic Kingdom.  We had plans to get Micah's first hair cut there and then spend time just enjoying the Mouse and his friends.  We got there for Rope Drop and loved that.  As many times as we have been there, we have never made it for Rope Drop.  We were pretty proud of ourselves for pushing ourselves to get there by 8:30 a.m. on a day that we could have slept late.
Jonah wanted to take a picture of Micah and me and but it took him a couple of tries to get both of us looking at the same time.  He hasn't perfected the art of yelling Micah's name and snapping the picture at the same time.

This next picture makes me so happy.  I love those three so much.  And, when I see pictures of them together like this, it just melts my heart!

Rope drop really was amazing!  It was worth the effort of getting their early to see all of the characters ride in on the train and then officially open the park.  We all loved it.

Since they closed Toon Town, the Mickey & Minnie greet happens right as you enter the park.  Since the boys were in their matching shirts, we decided to stop to see them and get a photo.  We were excited about a sweet photo.  We didn't take into account Micah's total fear of all things character.  Granted, we didn't know about that fear until he laid eyes on Mickey Mouse!!  He was okay until Mickey got close and then he panicked.  Poor baby!

He started SCREAMING!  So, we sat him down and Mickey and Minnie moved behind them for a quick photo.  But, Micah wouldn't smile for looking around to try to find them.

He couldn't even focus while he was safe in my arms.  Poor guy.  He is NOT A FAN of the mouse!

We stopped next to see Pinocchio while Dan went to grab some Fast Passes.

Micah was intrigued at first.  Then Pinocchio touched him and...well, you'll see!

We calmed him down and then strolled right over to Mary Poppins.  She was enough like a person (you know, because she is and all!) that Micah wasn't afraid of her.  Jonah was quite smitten with her.  She was very sweet and totally in character.

Our first stop was Fantasy Land for a ride on Dumbo.  Jonah rode with Dan and I rode with Micah.  He LOVED IT!!!

As we were walking through Fantasy Land, we looked up in the sky and saw this.
I'm guessing a sky writer some where likes to put messages in the sky about God.  We've seen them a few times when we were at Disney.  We made our way to the Winnie the Pooh ride.  That was Jonah's first ride at Disney when he was 9 months old.  It was fun riding with him AND his little brother.

And, what trip to Disney is complete without at least one ride on "It's a Small World?"  We did not just one ride, but two!  The kids love it!

Jonah and Dan rode a few other rides while I attempted to get Micah to take a bottle and a nap.  Attempted is the key word.  Dude was not interested in the least with napping.  

We signed in at the barber shop and sat down to wait for our turn.  About that time, I heard the parade coming out of the gate so I grabbed Micah and moved to the sidewalk to watch while we waited for his turn for a haircut.

We were the very first people the characters saw so naturally, they leaned down to speak to Micah.  This just thrilled him.

I finally picked him up and held him away from the road so the people would quit speaking to him.  Poor baby was terrified!  We went inside and got his haircut.  I already posted about that so you can see those pictures HERE.  After we finished the haircut, we sat down outside for a few pictures.  We didn't realize the parade was looping back around so we sat there and watched the very end.  Micah did a little better since his brother was next to him.  (and because he had a Baby Mum Mum to snack on!)

We made our way back to the Monorail while Micah snacked on his Mickey ears.  We knew they were hungry so we made plans to stop at Olive Garden for lunch before heading to our afternoon adventure...Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park.  

We got to Typhoon Lagoon just at 2 pm and just as the afternoon rain started.  We debated as to whether we should just pack up and leave or wait it out.  The rain wasn't the issue, it was the lightning.  But, our debate was short lived because the rain ended in just a few minutes so we headed toward the big wave pool with one very excited five year old and one wide eyed ten month old!

If you have been to Typhoon Lagoon, then you probably know their wave pool isn't the typical wave pool.  It has a GIGANTIC tyhoon type wave that bowls you over.  So, we sat in the shallow for a long time just watching it.  We attempted a self shot family photo.  We failed.  
Then a fellow water park guest came over and offered to take it for us.  Much better.  
Jonah decided he was more than ready to brave the big wave so he and Dan headed out to the deep while Micah and I hung back.  We had lots of fun splashing and playing in the water.  He loves it.  

It really was just an all around fabulous day.  We were one tired bunch by the time all was said and done but it was so worth it.  It was a day full of sun, water and memories.  Micah is slowly getting old enough to hang with us doing just about anything.  I look forward to many more days like this with two giggling little boys!

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i am exhausted just reading about it! looks like a BLAST though!!! :)


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