Friday, October 7, 2011

The Kung Foo Pandas- Game 1

Last Saturday was Jonah's first soccer game.  Dan and our neighbor, Josh are coaching this team.  We had heard some negative things about soccer at the YMCA but it all centered around coaching issues.  So, I guess if you guarantee yourself a good coach by just doing it yourself, then it will work out.  

We got there early enough for he and Dan to warm up for a little bit before the rest of the team arrived.  

One of our friends told us that her kids did not do very well playing soccer at the YMCA because they could only focus on all of the skydivers falling from the sky.  The fields sit pretty close to Skydive DeLand so it was fun to watch them all morning.  
These three were in preschool together for two years and now go to Kindergarten together.  So, I'm glad they ended up on the same soccer team too!

Since the Y is a Christian organization, they start all games with prayer.  

Jonah's favorite part of any sporting activity is the water break.  He talks about it before he arrives at the field and then gets so excited when it is time to break.  

Can you tell the sun was kind of bright out there?  

Jonah could hardly wait his turn to play goalie.  I'm not sure if it was the orange shirt he got to wear or the fact that he didn't have to run anymore that sold him on the position.  Either way, he was thrilled when it was his turn.  

The only problem with him playing goalie is that he isn't very quick.  He pretty much found a spot, weaved his arms through the net and stood still.  Then, he just watched the kids kick the ball into the goal.  After his stint of just standing and staring, he ran over for a water break and exclaimed "Whew, I'm tired!"
Dan was thrilled to discover Margie had a bag of Almonds.  They are his favorite snack and he was so happy to have a bag full.  (Have I ever mentioned how nice she is to us?)
Micah handled the day like a champ.  He is just days away from walking so I have a feeling his days in the stroller at the soccer fields are coming to an end.  But, until that day comes, I'm taking full advantage of it.  
This little video was taken while Jonah was in full defensive mode!  You can see how it would be tough to get a ball past him.  :-)

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