Monday, October 10, 2011

Dental Visits

I took both boys to a new dentist a few weeks ago.  I've really struggled with the whole "finding a good dentist" deal.  I worked in Dentistry for over 15 years of my life.  I worked for some of THE BEST dentists out there.  They were people of impeccable character,  strong moral convictions, honest and out for the good of the patient over themselves.  I'm looking for that here but have struggled to find it.  So, the boys tried out a new Pediatric guy.  Overall, I was very pleased.  And Jonah thought his office was super fun!

This is Jonah's 6th or 7th (?) dental cleaning and exam.  He passed with flying colors.  No cavities with great oral hygiene.  I don't necessarily believe a baby should see the dentist but Micah had some significant discoloring on his upper anteriors and then his lower anteriors are set to form a nice "W."  I wanted him to look at all of that since we would be there anyway.  

My concern about the discoloration was because I took less than 20 prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy.  I was SO sick that I could not swallow them with throwing them up.  I was afraid that had affected his teeth.  But, it seemed to just be an issue with the iron in his formula.  She was able to polish the staining right off.  Granted it came back the next day but I now have hope that when he goes off of formula next month, the staining will go away for good.  

But, his poor lower anteriors...can you say ORTHODONTICS!?!?!?!  The kid is set for a few years of braces.  He has terrible spacing issues now with his primary teeth.  I can only imagine how bad it will be when his permanent teeth come in.  

Oh, and in case I failed to mention it, Micah H-A-T-E-D every part of the polishing and exam.  He cried more in that office than he has in the last month combined.  
Jonah, on the other hand, handled it like a pro and did great.  He loves going to the dentist.  (He is SOOO my child!)

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Baylee's Mommy said...

I am THE WORST MAMMA ON THE PLANET! I have yet to take Baylee to the dentist for an exam. Yes I admit it! I plan to soon though. Carl just added her to our dental plan (which costs quite a bit more per month just by adding her. Hopefully she doesn't have a mouth full of cavities :/


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