Sunday, October 23, 2011

A day full of friends

When Dan was at the Men's retreat last month, the boys & I got up that morning and headed to the mall to play.  There are SO many things I can do with Jonah but very few that allow Micah to get down and just crawl around.  The mall playground does just that.  They both love it there.  Fortunately, on that day, our friends Nicole and Eli met us there.  Eli's daddy (and Nicole's husband) was at the retreat also.  The boys (all of them had a LARGE time together!!!)

We got home and had just a couple of hours to get ready for an evening with our neighbors.  The Forare's have three kids but we only had two of them.  Emma was at home with her friends for her very first spend the night party.  She wanted a little "friend" time without her brother and sister so they hung with us for several hours.  Lila is TOTALLY smitten with Micah.  She made every move he made that night.  

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