Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crazy little boy!

Today is Micah's 11 month birthday.  In just one month, my sweet baby boy will be a whole year old.  I'm sure he will be walking and maybe even talking.  It really is hard to believe.  Typically, on the night of his monthly birthday, I do an update.  I'm not doing that tonight because I'm exhausted.  The past two days have been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting.  So, I'm going to bed instead.  (Granted, it is almost midnight!)

But, I couldn't let his monthly birthday past without you getting a small glimpse into my life with an 11 month old.  The attempt to get a few good pictures of him in his monthly onesie proved to be incredibly difficult.  A certain little boy did not want to sit still.  He actually went head first into his bin of books.  He scaled the back of the chair.  He pulled his sticker off.  HE. WAS. DIFFICULT!  

My friend Mandy was here while I was trying to capture these pictures and she said "You should just put the sticker on his back since that is all we see!"  So, we did.  These pictures are so telling of this stage of his life.  

While these are silly pictures, there IS an actual update coming of his 11 month birthday.  So, stay tuned.  

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