Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blessings Bags

A few weeks ago, Jonah and I went to check Dr. Henry into his hotel while he was still at the men's retreat with Dan.  As we were sitting at the red light, Jonah noticed a homeless man holding a sign.  He asked what the sign said and I told him.  He could not believe the man did not have a home or food to eat.  That opened up many discussions for us.  He became more and more concerned as the days progressed.  

We tried to think of tangible ways to live out the gospel with him.  Just handing money out the window would not do that.  So, thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea about Blessings Bags.  Basically, you buy non-perishable foods and bottle water to put in gallon bags.  Then, you hand them out the window when you see someone asking for money for food.  Jonah loved this idea.  We made a trip to Target to buy all the things for our bags.  He loved picking out the foods to go in the bags.  

We came home and put the bags together.  Jonah wrote little cards (after I did the first one) that said God loves you.  We then put the bags in our cars so we could hand them through the window when needed.  
I loved this activity with him.  I want him to be a person with a compassionate heart.  I want him to recognize needs of others.  I want him to have eyes that see hurt and need.  And, I want him to learn how to evaluate what he can do to help.  I know these bags are just little things but to him, they are big.  And, I'm proud of him for caring.


Penny said...

He's so sweet. His mom's not so bad, either. ;) Really precious idea. I'm glad someone shared it with you, so you could help Jonah share that big heart of his. :)

Calley said...

What a neat idea that allows kids play a part in giving, too! I love this!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Genious!!!! This brought tears to my eyes...I am such a sap. That little boy is going to do great things during his life.


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