Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An afternoon at the playground

In case you haven't noticed, the weather has been beautiful lately.  I'm not typically a big fan of the great outdoors but days like this make me want live outside.  I spent the morning with the windows open and Pandora Radio blaring.  Then, when I got Jonah from school, I gave him the option of going to the Library or the Playground.  He chose the Library because he is "a great reader!"  But, I convinced him the playground was a better option.  (Why did I even give him a choice on a day like today?)

We were the only three people there the entire time.  It was great.  Except, Jonah would have enjoyed playing with another child since Micah can't fully "play" with him yet.  We had never been to this playground but I had passed it many times.  I'm glad we tried it out because Jonah loved it.  

I've been trying to teach Micah lots of new things.  His latest trick is "TOUCHDOWN!"  He giggles when he does it.  (I do too!)

We had such a fun afternoon together.  It would have only been made better if Dan could have been with us.  We left just in time to get Micah home for his afternoon nap.  (just an hour late!!) 


Barb said...

Great pics! Funny, one of Brodie's latest tricks is Touchdown too :)

Anonymous said...

Precious boys...makes me want to see them so badly! Love and kisses from ZooZoo!


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