Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 MS/LA Trip- Day 8

I woke up on the day we were supposed to fly home and cautiously thought I felt better.  I didn't want to jinx it by saying I was better but I moved around a little bit without getting sick.  I called Dan to find out what to do.  I really wanted to get home.  He really wanted me to get home.  Dan's mom helped convince me that I should try.  So, I got up and started moving around and then I heard Jonah say "My belly hurts!"  About that time, GiGi darted to the kitchen for a bowl and made it back to Jonah in just enough time to catch his vomit.  

I was devastated!  I was upset because my baby was sick.  I was upset because I wanted to go home.  I was upset because I didn't have the strength to even help him.  I called the airline again and told them that I had the virus the day before and now my 5 year old was throwing up.  They wouldn't budge.  My only options were to fly home or pay almost $500 to change our flights.  

So, I got the car loaded and headed for the airport.  Jonah threw up several times before leaving GiGi's house and even more times on the way.  He was a sick little boy.  

In God's magnificent providence, we somehow ended up on the same flight to Orlando as our good friends, Rob & Melanie.  I discovered this fact weeks before our trip but had no idea what it really would come to mean.  I thought it would just be a fun flight where we got to catch up with each other and compare baby stories.  (Their Maggie is one week younger than Micah!)  Instead, they ended up being a HUGE help to this weary momma!
While we were waiting at the airport, Jonah began to show some signs of life.  He would go from feeling great to an extreme low.  He would play for a bit then just collapse into my arms.  

Look at these two sweet babies!  I think they would be big buddies if they lived closer to each other.  

We got settled on our flight and I hoped and prayed for the best.  Rob and Melanie took Micah so I could get Jonah settled.  After he was okay, I grabbed Micah and we took off for HOME!

Jonah continued to throw up on the flight.  Micah finally made the transition to the Hataway side of the plane so I could care for Jonah.  He was pitiful!  

Our airplane finally touched down on beautiful Florida soil and I have never been happier.  I was glad to be home.  I was glad to be close to seeing Dan.  I was glad to take my little boy home to his bed.  I was just glad.  While the trip was wonderful, it was hard.  It ended on a yucky note.  Sickness changes everything.  We later came to find out that what started with Micah on Tuesday night eventually affected (or infected) 13 people.  It was apparently a very nasty virus.  And, while we thought we left it in MS/LA, poor Danno came down with it Saturday afternoon.  That brought the toll to 14.  Then came word of another LA casualty!  I'm telling was BAD!

People are still talking about the sweet little boy who smiled at them but made them sick as dogs.  Hard to believe this face could take so many people down, huh?

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