Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Olive Garden Man

I snapped this picture of Micah and Miller right before Sunday School.  As you can see, they are both wearing smocked bubbles and the exact same style of shoe from Stride Rite.  Obviously, their mommies like this look.  But, as I learned at Olive Garden yesterday, not all people do.

I was sitting on the bench waiting for our table when a man walked by and said "Wow, what a cute little boy who never quits smiling!"  Then he said "Oh, wait...she is a girl.  I'm so sorry!"  I said "No, he is a boy!"  The man looked at him, stepped back and looked up and down him then said "Oh, you just dress him like a girl!  Nice!"

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Aja said...

That's awful! He was probably from the North- they just don't get smocking! I was talking to a friend's MIL and her friend from AL the other day and when I said I dress my boys in smocked clothes they both gasped excitedly and got the biggest smiles. It's a Southern thing!

You should have said, "Sir, if he was a girl he would have a HUGE hair bow on!"


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