Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swimming with the family

We have not gotten to enjoy our pool the way we thought we would this summer.  Before summer came, I imagined many lazy days in the pool with the boys while Dan was at work.  I imagined throwing some hot dogs on the grill and while they cooked, we would splash and play.  The only thing I didn't factor in was that I had a baby and pretty much anything over about 12 minutes is too much for him.  And, I didn't consider how much it was pain the 4 year old to get out the pool long enough for me to take Micah in to change his clothes and get him down for a nap or put in the jumperoo.  What was going to be many lazy days turned into just a few.  

But, on the days Dan is home, we get to play man-to-man defense and that makes things so much easier. Pool days with him turn into just that...pool DAYS!  Both boys love the water so it is fun to be out there as a family.  Lately, Jonah has requested to wear his life jacket in the pool because "I don't get as tiring when I'm swimming!"  I'm sure it is more fun to just float and relax instead of working to keep yourself up all the time.  We let him wear it some but then also make him swim so he isn't dependent on it.  

I have loved my cheap little underwater camera I bought earlier in the summer.  It is so fun to be in the middle of the pool and take pictures of my boys without worrying about them splashing me.  

We sat Micah on the hot tub where the water overflows into the pool.  He could not figure out how on earth water was all around him splashing down into the pool.  

Every now and then, you capture a picture that you can't believe you got.  And, just to make it better, I didn't even go underwater to take it.  I told Jonah to jump in and I'd hold the camera underwater.  All he had to do was smile when he went under.  And, he did!  And, I got this!

Dan has been teaching Jonah to dive this summer.  He's getting there.  Sweet boy loves the water!

Some of you may know that Micah got his first hair cut on Monday.  The next picture should show you why he needed it.  That kid had some hair!!
We tried Jonah's life vest on him.  He certainly falls into the pound requirement to wear it.  

The beautiful thing about Florida is the opportunity to enjoy the pool for a couple more months.  We swam the weekend of Halloween our first year here.  So, I'm sure we have another 6-8 weeks left.  Especially since we have the solar heater.  Although, I'll admit it, I am so ready for pool days to be behind us so we can enjoy FALL!!

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