Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 MS/LA Trip- Day 4

We got up Sunday morning and visited more with Aunt Susan, Aunt Martha, GiGi and Granny B.  We took a few pictures with "a lot of my family that I don't get to see!"  Jonah is so into these family relationships and this trip just made that more evident.  He was always careful to find out how he was related to each person.  

Granny opened a gift from the boys with Jonah looking on.  Then, they played one last game of peep eye. 

After a late breakfast, we got on the road and headed 2 hours south to Vidalia.  We stopped at Dairy Queen in Natchez to meet Jimmy and Cathy.

They haven't seen the boys since February when they flew out to visit.  We've skyped with them and talked a lot but that isn't the same.  Micah has certainly changed since they saw him last.  They were here for his first taste of solid food so they were quite surprised to see how big he is.  Obviously, that solid food is working well for him.  

After some yummy ice cream and fun with Jimmy and Cathy, we headed to Sue's house to unload then off to a fun time at MeMaw and B's house with some of our sweet friends.  Jonah jumped in Tim's MeMaw's arms as soon as he saw him.  

Micah wasn't so sure of all these people.  He had such a serious look most of the night.  He enjoyed being loved on but wanted to be sure they were "okay" before he went to them. 
Sue and Cindy (Zoo-Zoo and NeNe) fed him and then he seemed pretty okay with being there.  Give that sweet baby some food and all is right with the world.  

I can't tell you how many hours we spent on this porch in the 7 years we lived there.  We watched many high school ball games, had lots of conversations, watched Jonah retrieve arrows and many other countless things right from this very spot.  Such sweet memories.  

Jonah had a birthday present from Greg and Cindy waiting on him.  I haven't gotten the chance to personally thank them for the noisy gun perfectly lovely gift.  Pretty much every person there got shot before the night was over.  

Cliff's chemo has caused him to lose his hair since we saw him last.  I wanted to prepare Jonah for that before we saw Cliff.  So, Sue and and I told him that Cliff took some medicine that made his hair fall out.  Jonah looked at us, raised his eyebrows and said "My daddy's hair is falling out too!"  :-)

Jonah and Eli had just been together the month before and they were oh so happy to be together again.  Every time I see them together, it makes me so sad that we moved away and robbed them of the opportunity to grow up together.  

Micah just doesn't know how much love he missed out on because we moved away.  These two would have him thoroughly spoiled already.  

Being at Tim and Belinda's just felt like "home."  It was such a reminder of the wonderful years we had in Vidalia.  Those people love us and we love them.  They love Jonah and even loved Micah without ever meeting him.  They had such a huge influence on our lives and we are so blessed for knowing them. 

When we got home that night, the boys Facetimed with Dan.  It was THE. SWEETEST. THING. EVER!!!  Micah kept leaning down to kiss the phone.  He could not understand why he could see and hear his daddy but not touch him.  What a good daddy these little boys have.

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