Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 MS/LA Trip- Day 1

Over a month ago, I made a VERY last minute decision to hop on a flight ALONE with two children to fly to Mississippi.  Yes, read that again.  I FLEW ALONE WITH TWO CHILDREN.  That might not strike you as any big deal but it was to me.  I had flown before with Jonah.  This was to be Micah's first time on an airplane.  I had no idea how he would react.  But, before I let fear take over, I booked the tickets and made all the details work.  We left our house around 5:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning in August.  Dan drove us to the airport.  We said our goodbyes and he said his good lucks to us!

As I was snapping away, Jonah decided he wanted to take a picture of us.  I gave him the camera.  The first shot was blurry.  The second shot was all up in our business.  Apparently, he found the zoom button!

We turned to walk away but Jonah had to have one more hug.  Sweet boy was so sad about telling his daddy goodbye.  He kept saying "I'm really going to miss him!"

We finally gave our final hugs and kisses and made our way into the airport.  Check in was a breeze.  Security was a bit of a wait but we had no problems.  Our first stop was breakfast at McDonalds.  We got a meal to share.  Except, a certain 5 year old had no plans to share.  Apparently, he was very hungry!

Getting on the plane was a little difficult because I had to hold Micah, all of our bags and keep Jonah close to me.  And, just in case you have never held Micah, HE IS HEAVY!  We made it to our seats and Safety Officer Jonah immediately put his seat belt on.  Granted, half the plane still needed to board but he was ready.  And, he wasn't happy until I was buckled in also.  But, I had things to stow.  So, I put Micah next to him and buckled him in just to contain him. 

I held him for takeoff then let him sit between me and Jonah.  He loved the flight.  The sound of the airplane almost makes the same white noise sound that is in his room.  He seemed totally calm.  Jonah worked on a few projects at first then we all just played. 

Micah's favorite thing to do was crawl up the back of the seat in attempts of seeing over.  No one was behind us on the flight so he got to play like as long as he wanted. 

As the flight progressed, I knew he needed a nap.  He was up several hours before his normal time to wake up then he also missed his morning nap time so I knew a nap was needed in order to survive the day.  As I played with him and tried to calm him down, Jonah grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. 

I could tell Micah was not into sleep at all.  So, I attempted to take a few pictures of the two of them together.  Only one turned out.  A certain little boy was too busy for photos. 
But, eventually, he gave in and closed those sweet eyes.  That was all it took.  He was down for the count. 

As I was gathering my things, the flight attendant approached me to comment on how well behaved the boys were.  She said that she was amazed that she never heard them or saw any bad behavior.  She then asked Jonah if he would like to meet the pilot and see the cockpit.  He jumped on that offer. 

After visiting with the Pilot for a little bit, we headed towards the terminal.  We were ready to be OFF that plane and visiting with some of our favorite people...NeNe and Taylor. 

Darryl and Denise were SO KIND (once again) to let us use their Tahoe for the week.  There is no way I could have made the trip had I had to rent a car also.  Their kindness allowed us to see our friends and family and let Micah meet tons of people.  Thank you so much, Pops and NeNe.  What a blessing you are to our lives.  

After visiting with them for a bit and then having a SUPER YUMMY lunch at Kiefers with Taylor, we headed to Byram so my grandmother could meet Micah.  She has been dying to get her hands on her youngest great grandchild.  (He only has Bella beat by 2 weeks!)  She had all the toys out and was waiting for us to arrive. 

After a short time of being at Granny's house, my mom arrived.  And, of course, she didn't come empty handed.  She had bags of goodies.

In the midst of those goodies were crafts.  She knows how much Jonah loves crafts so she always tries to have something for them to make.  He LOVES that. 
We stayed there for 5-6 hours then I needed to get the boys to bed.  Mom gave them a bath and got them in their jammies before I left Granny's house to head to Dan's mom's house. 
We got to her house right at the boy's bedtimes but they did get to stay up for a few minutes to say hi to and play with GiGi.  It was a LONG day for all of us but just the beginning of a fun trip. 

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