Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miller's First Birthday

Today, September 18, Micah's sweet little friend, Miller turned one year old!  I'm a little blown away by this fact because next to my own children, I've spent more time with this little fella over the last year than any other kiddo I know.  And, if he turned one year old then that means that Micah is well on his way to that same milestone.  Which, by the way, really shouldn't be possible since he was only born last week.  (or, so it seems!)

 I sent Aja the last picture and she said "Doesn't it warm your heart to think about years of that same posed pic?"  Yes, yes it does!  When I pray for my boys, I often include their friends and the people who will influence them over their formative years.  I love knowing that Miller could be one of those people for Micah.  And, to think that they could go through years of school, sports, church and activities together is so sweet to me.  But, I have a feeling they will look back one day and be totally goobed out at  what they will think are hideous outfits!  Because, really, what boy ever looks back at himself wearing smocked or embroidered clothing and thinks "Man, I look super cool!"  Oh well boys!  Get used to it.  You have lots of "outfits" in your future!
Miller's mommy did an awesome job of planning a Carnival/Circus themed birthday party.  Her ideas were amazing.  Then, it rained.  A LOT!  Then, it rained some more.  So, the cute themed party that was to be spread out over the whole yard turned into a "rush around at the last minute and get everything under the tent or in the house" party.  Poor mommy!  I felt her pain.  I know how much love, energy and work goes into a birthday party like this and to have the rain ruin it makes you heart sick.  But, fortunately, the rain held off (for the most part) during the actual party.

There were lots of games for the kiddos to play and each game let you win tickets that could be redeemed at a the prize table at the end of the party.  Jonah thought this was the greatest thing ever!

 The decorations were so cute!  Micah kept his eye on those peanuts and the popcorn.  He wanted some SO bad!

 I'm so glad Mandy was there because she was a huge help to me with Micah.  (As usual!)  That allowed me to take pictures and help out where needed.

 Holder, Miller's older brother had a large time at the party.  He was thrilled the entire time.  He made me laugh every time I looked at him because he was just so happy.  He loves Jonah!!  He says "Jonah is my best friend.  Eli is my best friend too."
 Notice how big Micah's jon-jon is?  I'm a little worried because his jon-jon for his birthday party that is just 8 weeks away is the exact same brand and size.  I might should have that taken up before his big party.  I certainly don't want him to grow that much in 7 weeks!!!

Just look at these two boys!  One would never guess that the one on the right is 7 weeks younger than the one on the left!

Miller, we love you and your family so much! We hope to celebrate MANY birthdays with you!

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Aja said...

It was a fun day- I think I slept till 8:45am this morning, which is LATE for me these days! So thankful for yo and your family, your friendship to you, and the way you love our kids!


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