Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kindergarten Observations- Week 2

  • You should have been a student today so you would know what a fire drill is.  That is what they teached us about 2 times already.
  • I can tell you 2 things about Mr. Uppercue.  One, he is sneaky.  Two, he is funny.  Those are two things I know so far.
  • I want you to be a worker in my classroom.  Riley's mom is a worker and so is Logan's mommy.  (FYI, those are the actual teachers.  It just so happens they have Kindergarten kids too!)
  • I did a very new center today.  I cut out M's and glued them on a Magenta paper.  Magenta is purple.  If you come to Kindergarten, you could learn that too.
  • We sang a number song.  I'll sing it for you but I think you know your numbers.  If you don't, it will help you know them soon.
  • I just love Kindergarten.
  • The playground is fun.  It isnt' the best thing.  Lunch is the best thing.  I love lunch.  I love eating.  That is really fun.  Eating is fun when it is good food.
  • I never seed the principal.  I'm not scared of her.  If you get in trouble, you have to meet her.  I think Shyna will meet her soon.  She is kind of bad.
  • Sometimes I poot at school.  Actually, I poot a lot.  People are made that way.  Poots just come out but you really can't help it.  


Amanda said...

The pooting comment made me laugh...I love little boys :)

Barb said...

Okay, I LOVE these posts! Especially the part about the poots. He really is a little old man. :)

Calley said...

haha! That is so funny!!!

MelbA BURNS said...

He makes my heart happy.These are the best of day.

Penny said...

LOL!!! :) I would LOVE to know if any of my kindergarteners are having these same talks with their parents. :)


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