Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jonah & Rylan Carlos

One of Jonah's friends from preschool is also at the same elementary school as him.  They aren't in the same class but their teachers team teach some.  And, they have lunch together.  Rylan's mom is a teacher at Jonah's school so we have a little system worked out.  She is my back up with Jonah if I ever can't get there to get him on time.  Or, if there is an emergency, she is there for him.  And, since she has meetings on Tuesdays, Rylan Carlos comes home with us.  Jonah has LOVED that!

On the first Tuesday he was here, I got involved with them and forgot that I put spaghetti on the stove.  I remembered about 30 minutes later.  This is what I found when I got back to the kitchen.  Ooops!

The boys are so sweet and have so much fun together.  They play their little hearts out and eat tons of snacks.  And, I think it is so cute when Rylan Carlos calls me "Mrs. Jonah's mommy!"  
Several of my friends from church saw Rylan at VBS or on the blog and have commented that they remember praying for him when Carolyn and Jim went to get him from Guatemala.  Talking about Rylan with Jonah has opened lots of discussions about families and adoption.  It is neat to see his world expanding.  

Tonight at dinner, we were sitting with a visitor to our church and she asked where the boys were born.  I pointed to Micah and said "he was born in Daytona Beach last November."   Then, Jonah said "I was born in Vidalia."  I reminded him that he was actually born in Natchez, MS.  He said "Oh, yeah!  I was born in Natchez, MS then you came to get me on an airplane!"  I said "Jonah, I didn't go get you on an airplane.  You were in my tummy.  He said "That's no fair.  Rylan Carlos has the most fun because his mommy got him on an airplane!!!"  Hee hee!

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