Friday, September 23, 2011

Hangin' at Pap and Nana's house

The day before Labor Day, we loaded up and headed over to Frank & Margie's house for some fried chicken.  Her whole family was there and she invited us to come too.  I was excited about getting to play with Colton.  Micah wasn't so sure what he thought about that.  Micah is blurry in the next few pictures because he never stops moving!

He kept going in for kisses.  His BFF Miller kisses him all the time so he thinks that is what you are supposed to do.  I love it when I'm the beneficiary of those kisses.  I'm not so sure Colton felt the same way.  
Sweet Colton tried his best to hang with the big boys but once he settled into his mommy's lap after dinner, he fought to stay awake.  His little eyes were so heavy.  He finally gave in and fell asleep.  

While he slept, I took Micah outside to the hammock.  It was a beautiful afternoon with a slight breeze from the lake.  I loved being out there with him.  Jonah was on the pier with Pap and spotted us so he came running to join us.  

We stayed on the hammock for a LONG time.  We laughed.  We sang songs.  We played games.  We watched Micah cover every square inch of the thing.  We giggled as he whined to get a taste of the sucker Jonah had.  It was a sweet time.  

Before we went inside, we sat down for a few pictures of the boys together.  I got this picture to document his hair.  This was the day before his first haircut.  Can you tell that he really needed a haircut??

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