Friday, September 2, 2011

Good news/bad news

Fed Ex rang my doorbell a little over an hour ago.  They handed me a brown box that was about the size of my laptop.  I opened it cautiously.  I knew there would be a note letting me know if my little Mac was ready to be my friend again.  The first word was "Congratulations!"  I felt good about that.  

Then, I saw the following.

We replaced these parts:

Hard Drive
Antenna Grp 2
Top Case

Ummm, basically they gave me a new computer because all the major parts were replaced.  Oh, and thanks to the stellar service of Apple Computers, it cost me ZERO!  And, get this, my Apple Care had already expired but they did it for free anyway.  FREE, PEOPLE!  The computer is 4+ years old and has served me well but I'm happy to say it will continue to serve me, thanks to everything they replaced.

But, as anyone who slightly understands computers knows, replacing a hard drive means losing everything you had.  It means starting over.  FROM SCRATCH!  Fortunately, I have two back ups.  We have a Time Capsule and I use Carbonite.  But, since I've been home from my MS/LA trip, my laptop was never open long enough to back up.  So, I'm pretty sure my most recent back up is from mid August.  

Who knows when I'll be up and running again but I'm awfully grateful to know I still have a computer.  But, I would be even more grateful if everything WAS indeed backed up and I could have a seamless transition back to life as I know it with my trusty ole' Mac.  I can hope, right?

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jenny winstead said...

praying for seamless! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE apple! YES!


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