Monday, September 26, 2011

A good man

I had the great privilege of having lunch with Dr. Jim Henry yesterday.  He was here as the speaker for our Men's retreat and then preached in both services at SBC.  Dan had spent a good amount of time with him since Friday but this was my first opportunity.  It was a special time for our family.  We talked a lot about church life, pastoring and even my family back in MS.  His first church was in Sledge, MS and he has strong connections to my family.

I was looking online to find a bio to link to for him and came across this from an article online.  

In his retirement -– or “redeployment” as he prefers to call it -– Henry will focus on mentoring young pastors and assisting churches, he said in the Witness interview.

“[When] people are at their deepest point of opportunities and needs, nobody can be there more than a pastor can,” Henry said, adding in a final encouragement to pastors, “If God’s got that call on your life, love Him, love His Word, love His people. If God’s called you, look at it with a sense of joy and expectancy and thrill –- the adventure of pastoring.”

At this stage of our life and ministry, no other person on this planet had so much to offer us.  The wisdom he shared with Dan and I was amazing.  I love how God works.  This weekend was scheduled a year ago.  Even then, God knew exactly what we would need yesterday.  I'm so grateful for His providence!

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