Monday, September 5, 2011


We got a note from Jonah's teacher last week saying the kids needed to bring an "ALL ABOUT ME" box to school Tuesday.  They were going to take time to let each child talk about themselves and tell about some of the people and things they love.  She said to be creative and decorate a box if we wanted to.

I pulled out my Cricut tonight and got a little creative on his behalf.  Tomorrow morning, he will add stickers, stars and polka dots.  He helped me pick some of his favorite pictures to go around the edge of the shoebox.  We did that rather than wrap a regular box in paper.  

It was tough narrowing down the things to put in his box.  We still haven't made the final decision.  That will be a breakfast discussion tomorrow morning.  Here is what he has so far.
1.  A card from Jimmy & Cathy because he likes getting mail.
2.  Darth Vader because he likes Star Wars.
3.  A book because he loves to read and is learning to read on his own.
4.  A picture of Max because he is his VERY best friend.  (notice there isn't a Lammy in this mix of things!!  He doesn't want to lose Lammy and she said not to send anything valuable so he decided Lammy was too valuable!!)
5.  A batman cape because he loves Superheroes and dressing like them.
6.  A cowbell because his favorite team is the Mississippi State Bulldogs.
7.  A Spiderman glove because he likes to throw webs.
8.  A picture of his family.
9.  A picture of him with his brother.
10.  A picture of him, Micah and Max dressed in SuperMan clothes because "we look super!"

Her note asked us to include some pictures and 2-3 items.  So, I'll be curious to see which of these items make the final cut.  I sure hope it isn't his family picture!!!

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