Friday, August 5, 2011

Tonight, as I rocked my baby boy, tears rolled down my face as I thought of friend in another state possibly rocking her baby to sleep at the same time as me.  Except, while she rocked her 7 month old baby girl, her thoughts were probably full of questions and fear.  Due to some health issues, she had a colonoscopy and was told today there was a 15-18 centimeter mass that they are 99% sure is malignant.  She has surgery Monday at 12 noon to remove the mass.  That will be followed with Chemo and radiation.  

My friend is a wife and mother.  She has a 2 year old son and a 7 month old daughter.  I used to babysit her when she was Jonah's age.  Most every Saturday night, I could be found at her house babysitting her and her little sister.  Her parents were workers in our youth ministry.  I spent lots of time with their family.  I lost touch with them over the years but thanks to Facebook, we reconnected about three years ago.  I was surprised at how grownup she was.  I followed her pregnancy with her first and second baby.  

Now, I will follow this journey.  There isn't anything I can do from a distance but pray.  Won't you join me too?  I'm not listing her name due to the request of her mother in an email earlier today.  They are keeping things quiet as of now.  But, God knows.  I actually got a Facebook message from her before the email from her mom.  We had hoped to meet up when I'm in Jackson next week so she was telling my why it wouldn't work.  I've been worried all day.  So, pray with me, won't you?

Sweet friend, I know you will read this since you are a constant blog stalker!  ;-)  Know you are loved and prayed for!  I wish I could be there to hug you or play with your kiddos on surgery day.  But, since I'm 14 hours away, I'll just think of you and pray for you every time God brings you to my mind and heart.  I loved you as a five year old little girl and I love you even more for the amazing mommy and wife that you are!

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Marianne said...

This post has brought many tears to me. I recently experienced the same diagnosis. I am not young and do not have young children like your friend. But I can nevertheless understand this family's heartache, magnified many, many times greater than mine. In my case, they got all the cancer in surgery and I do not have to have chemotherapy or radiation. Just five years of intense testing to be declared cancer-free. I pray that your friend and her family can have a similar outcome.


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