Saturday, August 6, 2011


When I was in Junior High, the place to be EVERY Friday night was Funtime Skateland on Cooper Road.  That is where all the cool people hung out.  So, obviously, I was never there.  HA!  Actually, I did go fairly often but just not with the cool people.  I usually got dropped off with my brothers.  Which, by the way, totally lowers your cool points even more.  I have lots of fun memories from lots of time spent at the skating rink.  So, when it was time for Jonah to skate for the first time, my mind was flooded with memories.

Last Thursday night, our local skating rink had a Family and Faith night where they played Christian Music and gave a portion of the ticket sales back to the local church.  We decided this would be a great time to let Jonah try out some wheels on his feet. 

Several times, I would put Micah down near the edge so he could watch.  He was so freaked out that he crawled back to my seat before I even got back there.  It was hilarious.  The loud music and crazy lights just about sent him over the edge. 

We were super happy when we found out Aunt Jen loves to roller skate because that meant she and Nana came with us.  When she told us she like to skate, we had no idea she was a rock star out there.  You should have seen her.  We were quite impressed.

While Jonah liked to be out on the floor attempting to skate, his favorite thing to do was sit on the side and watch.  I think he was a little intimidated and a lot tired. 
Dan joined him on the side sometimes and other times he skated past him for 2-3 laps then coaxed him back onto the floor.  I had to cut my evening short because Micah was WELL past his bedtime and it was obvious to anyone near us.  Dan said Jonah got better as the night went on.  He did fall a few times and there were a few tears but overall, he gave the night a thumbs up!

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