Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Micah visits the Library

While Jonah was in school yesterday, I took Micah to the library for his first visit.  I'm so glad I took him alone and not with Jonah.  A place like the library is much easier with one child when your children are 4 years apart.  Jonah would not have enjoyed the section Micah liked and Micah would have destroyed Jonah's section.  

After we read books for a while, we picked out some things for Jonah.  I was afraid he would be upset that he didn't get to pick out the books himself but he was just super happy that we got him some new books to read.  

Taking a baby to the library was a different dynamic than taking Jonah over the last couple of years.  I sometimes forget the "starting over" phase that came with Micah.  It is fun to experience all of the firsts again with him but did forget just how busy it is!!  No wonder I'm so tired!  :-)

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Barb said...

He's looking so big! Glad you've got a couple of readers on your hands.


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