Monday, August 8, 2011

I heart Sunday School

We talk about God, Jesus, church life, missions, etc. a LOT in our home.  We have read a Bible Story to Jonah every night since he was just a baby.  He knows the main characters and general story of all the major Bible stories.  We talk regularly about things relating to God and faith.  He has a pretty solid understanding of Jesus' death, burial and Resurrection.  We talk about these things with him A LOT!

But, lately, he has been telling us parts of scripture that I know we didn't teach him.  He's been talking about Bible stories and characters that we haven't mentioned.  He tells us spiritual truths that sound like they came from someone way smarter than me.  Each time I ask him where he learned it, his answer is always the same...SUNDAY SCHOOL.  

I am so very impressed with Jonah's Sunday School class.  The teachers are amazing with the kids and obviously love them so much.  They put such time, energy and effort into connecting these four year-old kids with Jesus.  If more people knew the value of an investment in children and preschool ministry, I don't think we would have enough space for all of the volunteers.  

While Dan and I believe the primary responsibility for spiritual growth, formation and teaching of children should come from the home and from the parents, I can't discount what Sunday School provides.  (ie. I've never mentioned Naaman to Jonah but he can tell you the whole story after yesterday!)  And, there are some parents who don't or won't teach their kids about Jesus and, for those kids, Sunday School might be all they get.  

One of the things Jonah's teachers do each week before the Bible Story is recite this little rhyme with the kids.  I got Jonah to say it on video for me.  He didn't do it perfect but I kind of like it with the mistake.  Besides, it is better than the first take when he burped right in the middle of it.  I did stop him and redo that one.  :-)

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Aja said...

So cute! I love how it started with an exasperated, "SunDAY Schooool!" LOL!


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