Thursday, August 4, 2011


A week or so before Jonah's birthday, I made a balloon wreath for our front door.  Since Micah is VERY mobile, he wanted to help me.  Unfortunately, his help is a little more than I bargained for so I put him in the bean bag.  The great thing about the bean bag is that he hasn't figured out how to get out of it.  So, it buys me some time. 

I blew a couple of the balloons up just a little and gave them to him to play with.  He had so much fun.  He giggled and gasped. 

After I finished the wreath and got all of the sticky pins out of his range, I sat him up in the bean bag then let him go where ever he wanted.  He scooted everywhere doing all he could to catch those colorful balloons. 

Later that night, as Dan was putting Jonah to bed, I was feeding Micah in his room and heard Jonah say "bring Micah and your camera in here!"  HA!  He wanted pictures in his bed of him with his brother.  Makes me laugh that he requests pictures.  He is so my child!

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