Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Second Snake (UGH!!!!)

Wednesday afternoon, I put the boys in their matching swimsuits and headed out back for an afternoon in the sun.  Before getting in the pool, I put them on the love seat for a few pictures.  Right after I took the first picture, I noticed something slither by my right foot.  Trying not to freak, I told Jonah to grab Micah and hold on tight.  Then I jetted into the house to get away from that thing to go through my bedroom to shut my bathroom door.  

If you haven't been to our house, then you might not understand why that is important.  Our house has a "pool plan' bathroom.  That means you can enter the master bathroom through a door from our back porch.  Anytime we are in the pool, I leave our bathroom door unlocked and one of the sliding glass doors into the living room.  That way I can get in either door.  Typically, the doors are unlocked but not open.  But, on this day, the bathroom door was wide open because I grabbed my camera and had plans to go right back in to get Jonah's ear plug.  

The reason I made a mad dash through the house is because that slithering creature was headed right towards my bathroom door.  And, just for the record, the day a snake enters my house and can't be found is the day I move out.  There is no way I could be in there knowing a snake was inside.  Oooh!  It gives me shivers just thinking about it.  

Anyway, I ran as fast as I could and got to my bathroom just in time to see the tail of that snake go under the chair outside.  Whew!  I ran back through the house all the while screaming for Jonah to hold Micah as tight as he could.  (They were in the love seat but on concrete so if he fell, it would be bad!)  When I got back to the porch, I grabbed both boys, ran inside and locked the door.  You know, just in case the snake tried to open the sliding glass door.  

After we got inside, I called Dan to tell him about the snake.  He asked if I wanted him to come home.  I didn't see any need in coming home but I wanted him to know about it.  Jonah and I sat at the back door and just watched for the snake.  I made a vow never to step foot out there again until that thing was found.  I could just see me sitting down in one of the chairs and a snake coming out of the cushion.  KILL. ME. NOW!!!!

As we were sitting there, the snake crossed right in front of us and lodged himself between the doormat and the wall.  He seemed to be content there.  Dan decided to come home and take care of it since we knew exactly where it was.  I think he realized I would never go out there again if I didn't know for sure he was gone.  (Yeah, yeah, I know other snakes could be out there but I haven't seen other snakes.  I saw THIS snake and I wanted THIS snake GONE!!!)

Jonah talked to Dan all the way home just to keep him updated on the situation.  Every time the snake moved, Jonah winced.  He couldn't decide if he was more upset about the snake or the fact that we couldn't swim. 
Micah just hung out in baby jail while wondering what all the fuss was about.  He just giggled and laughed completely unaware of the chaos that crazy snake caused. 

Jonah said "Mommy, do you want to take a picture of my I don't like the snake face?"  So, here ya go!
I got Micah out of the PNP so he could watch the snake too.  He didn't seem as worried or as impressed as Jonah did.  But, it did make for a cute picture from behind. 

It didn't take Dan long to get home and grab a hoe to take care of the critter.  But, as soon as he hit the hoe on the concrete in the garage, the head fell off.  He was so glad he tested it first.  So, he grabbed a shovel instead. 

And, lest you think we'd leave you hanging with no visual evidence of this awful creature, here ya go!  (I'm well aware of how annoying and gooby I sound.  I was not going to post this but Dan insisted.  Go ahead, laugh WITH me!)

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Baylee's Mommy said...

I find it hilarious that right after you told Jonah that the snake couldn't come in there you screamed for dear life when it sprung in your direction! HAHAHAHAHA


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