Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool Time

After making lunch with Jonah today, we headed outside to swim.  I put the boys on the love seat and took the picture you just saw.  As I moved a little to my left in order to capture Micah's attention, I noticed something slither by me.  As I looked down, I saw the tail go under the chair next to them and right towards my bathroom door...THAT WAS WIDE OPEN!

But, more on the snake story in the next post because I have actual pictures and VIDEO.  Trust me, you'll want to come back for this one.  I get the heebie jeebies all over again just thinking about it.  So, in order to take my mind off that awful creature who freaked me out today and caused my husband to leave work and come home to rescue his family, I'll show you pictures of my cute boys in their matching swim suits.

Jonah has now learned that if you don't want Micah to crawl away, you must put him in a head lock. 

Sometimes he gets away anyway.

Kid and baby legs.  Love them!

Sweet, sweet picture of my 8 month old baby boy!

Splashing himself.  Eeeks!

Step One:  Tolerate Goggles on Face

Step Two:  Try with all your might to get them off

Step Three:  Eat them!

Two of the sweetest boys I know. 
And, just because you haven't seen enough...


Baylee's Mommy said...

That's awesome! Lovin that camera and their matching suits.

Cristi said...

Whoa what kind of cool camera is that?


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