Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pictures from Margie's Camera

If you know my friend Margie, then you probably know that she takes lots of pictures.  But, what you don't know is that she never uploads them to her computer.  (I say never but just this week she created a Facebook album with pictures?!??!)  Anyway, one day when she was here, I uploaded the pictures from one (of MANY) of her memory cards to my computer.  I've never done anything with the pictures but looked through them tonight and decided to post some of them. 

These pictures start in December of 2009 (with Dan dancing) and go through October of 2010.  I'll caption a few of them for you. 

Blake and Wilma's SS Christmas Party

Valentine Cookies

Easter Sunday 2010 with Jeff

Easter Sunday in front of the Flowering Cross

Dan & Kirk Sullivan (4-Him) grilling at Margie's last summer

Jen, Me (with Micah in my tummy) and Cathi

Jen, Jonah and Cathi

Jonah and "his" I-pad

Stetson Baptist Night at DeLand Suns Game

Jonah's birthday celebration at Flagler Beach with Frank, Margie and family

Jet ski's at Frank and Margie's last summer

Practicing his name  Summer of 2010

Micah's baby shower cake

Apples of Gold Reunion  Lisa Mears, Me (and Micah in my tummy) and Roxanne Gill

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