Friday, July 8, 2011

Passing the Torch (or Elmo)

 When Jonah was around a year old, he was obsessed with Elmo.  One night, Debra came down and gave him a gift.  It was an Elmo blanket.  He has kept that blanket by his side since then.  I'm guessing it has been around almost four years.  I tried to search the blog for when she gave it to him but can't find it.  I found MANY posts with the pictures of him with the blanket but nothing telling me the date Beppa gave it to him. 
When he gets up each morning, he always brings Lammy and the Elmo blanket out of bed with him.  So, over the course of the day, they are usually in the living room.  Over the past couple of months, he has been playing with Micah and would say something like "I'll let you hold Lammy and my Elmo blanket if you want."  Or, I'll walk in to see Micah with Lammy and wrapped (smothered) in Jonah's Elmo blanket.

 Well, a few weeks ago at church, a sweet lady stopped me to tell me she knew how much Jonah loved Superman and she saw a blanket that she just had to buy for him.  I thought that was so sweet.  She took it to Dan's office so he could bring it home to Jonah.  To say Jonah was thrilled would be an understatement!!  Not only was it Superman but it was soft just like the Elmo blanket.  Considering the blanket is his only current attachment to Elmo, I encouraged him to give the Elmo blanket to Micah and for the Superman blanket to be his new blanket.  He was a little motivated to keep both blankets but I explained to him that we don't live in North Dakota and there will probably never be a time that he really needs two blankets on top of his cover at night.  So, he decided to give Micah his Elmo blanket. 

It was so sweet to see him pass down his blanket to his baby brother.  Micah still doesn't sleep with things in his crib so Jonah is quite concerned as to why the blanket is in his closet rather than on his bed.  He has only mentioned wanting the blanket back one time.  I asked him if he would rather have Elmo than Superman and he said "Oh, that isn't what I meant.  I meant I wanted both in case Lammy needed a blanket too!"

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