Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meeting a stalker

Not long after I started Jonah's blog, I would check the site meter and see hits from all over the United States and Scotland?!?!  I didn't know anyone in Scotland and thought that was so odd.  But, after a short while, an old friend (Barb) from our Seminary Days left a comment and I realized she was the one from Scotland. She was over there working on her Ph.D.

After she returned to the US, she continued to follow Jonah's blog and is probably the #1 commenter.  She lives in Dallas now but has never met Jonah.  She planned a trip to Orlando this summer and immediately contacted me to see if we could meet up.  I was so happy I would get to see her again and that Jonah could meet his long time stalker.  :-)

Barb and her friend Aimee planned to spend the day at New Smyrna Beach and invited us to go along with them.  So, we invited them to the house for breakfast so they could meet Micah too.  (I knew if he went to the beach with us then it would be a SHORT trip!)  She was so sweet to bring Jonah a birthday gift so it was easy for him to warm up to her pretty quickly.  :-)

After breakfast, we lathered up with sunscreen, changed clothes and then headed to NSB.  Jonah was thrilled for another day at the beach.  It was even more fun with friends. 

Jonah loved spending time with Barb and Aimee.  So much so that he kept telling me to "rest in your chair" so they would go in the water with him.  He loved jumping the waves with them.

Since he was so serious about me resting in my chair, I decided to sit in the sand close to the water and just watch them play.  Every now and then, one of the three would come join me at the edge of the water. 

We walked from the beach over to the pool and spent a little time there.  Jonah loves to swim and could have stayed in the pool or the ocean ALL DAY LONG. 

It was another wonderful day in Central Florida with friends.  One of my favorite things about living here is seeing all the people that come here for vacation.   It allows us to see friends and family that we might not otherwise see.

Thanks for making time for us, Barb.  It was a fun day with you and Aimee!

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Barb said...

Yay, I made the blog, even if i am a stalker. :) it really was a fun day, so glad we could catch up.


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