Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4, 2011

Dan is on vacation so we didn't have any concrete plans for Independence Day.  Everything we thought of got vetoed because of the crowds of the holiday.  Lucky for us, Margie sent a text Sunday asking if we wanted to come out there for dinner.  So, before heading that way, we took the boys outside for a few pictures of them in their 4th of July duds.  If you don't know, Micah has recently become mobile.  The kid NEVER stops.  So, attempting to get a good picture of them was almost impossible.  Combined with his new found ability to move AND those stinkin' shoes on his feet, he refused to look at the camera.  I just happened to catch him mid face plant.  Scroll down one more picture to see the effect of that face plant.


He wouldn't open his mouth.  I think the dirt on his lips scared him!
At least my four year old will still stand and smile on command.  He has a thing or two to teach his little brother about pleasing his momma!  ;-)
After taking Micah in and getting his face, mouth, nose and ears cleaned from the dirt, we did a take 2 outside.  This time it worked.  But, it was SOOO hot out there so we didn't stay long. 

So, we attempted a few inside.  Thankfully, Dan was there to be silly and make the boys laugh. 

You said put my arms around him but if I choke him, he sits more still!

Outta my way, bro!  I'm movin' on!

A baby on the move!  My calm days are OVER!

All I can say is poor Max.  He finally got to the point in life where Jonah was his friend and caused him minimal stress.  Then, we show up at at home with Micah.  He is quite distraught over this new hair-pulling, ear-tugging little boy. 
After our little photo shoot at home, we headed over to Margie and Frank's house.  We were so happy to see Aunt Jen since it has been a while since we've seen her. 
Jeff and Dan spent the time discussing the Casey Anthony trial.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Dan knows more about that trial than the attorneys involved.  He happened to catch a little of it one day a couple of weeks ago then could not get enough.  We watched it on vacation.  He watched it on his phone when he wasn't near a TV.  He was obsessed.  Then, we walked into Frank and Margie's only to discover Jeff was just obsessed. 

We were super happy to share Micah's first 4th of July with Colton.  It was also his first 4th of July.  Those two cuties are 7 months apart and have many adoring fans.  He looks kind of like he just belongs with Jeff, Cathi and Colton. 

Pap spent HOURS playing with Jonah.  They built buildings, made pizzas, went to outer space and made roads.  That's just the part I saw.  Jonah loved every minute of that special attention.  

Check out this sweet baby boy.  Here's Colton!  He was so alert and happy.  What a sweet baby boy!

After a few pictures with Colton, Micah came in for a few pictures.  He was happy to cheese it up for his momma!

Then, he was done.  Remember that thing about him being mobile now?  OH MY GOODNESS!  Seriously, I'm tired already and this just started. 

Aside from our wonderful friends, the best part of time at Pap and Nana's house is the wonderful food.  Man, oh man. That lady can cook.  We all enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Margie has a several sandhill cranes that have started pecking on her door for food each morning.  It is the coolest thing. She went out to hand them some bread.  Jonah though that was so cool.
While we all enjoyed Margie's yummy food, Micah had a mixture of peaches and potatoes.  We boiled a potato and mixed it with his peaches.  He thought that was great. 
We moved outside to take some pictures with the lake behind us.  We got some great shots of our boys and also some with Colton.  These boys are going to grow up together so they better get used to having pictures made together. 

We put Colton in Jonah's arms and he did great with him.  He got lots of practice with Micah over the last several months.  And, Colton seemed to be quite content with Jonah. 

We decided to put the ever moving Micah in the picture but that didn't last long.  After all, there was grass to be touched. 

It was such another wonderful day with our family and friends.  Our boys had a wonderful day and so did we.  As I put Jonah to bed last night, he said "I'm glad America was born but I didn't get any of the birthday cake!"


Barb said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love Micah's overalls. Looks like a fabulous July 4th to me.

Cristi said...

Your boys are precious!
Oh and wondering what Dan and Jeff think of the verdict?????


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