Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I heart VBS!

Now that VBS at Stetson is 3 weeks in our rear view mirror, I decided it was time to finally post about it.  Rather than breaking VBS up in to 5 days and a Celebration Service, I decided to include everything in one post.  So, sit back and prepare to spend a few minutes catching up on the Glenn family and VBS. 

We had a really cool thing this year at VBS.  We had PAPARAZZI!  We hired 3 photographers to come in a fully document the entire week.  When all was said and done, we had over 3000 pictures.  My job at VBS was to work with the photographers so each day, I worked with them to make sure all areas were covered and all children were being photographed.  At the end of the day, I met them to take the pictures from their cards and put them on my MAC.  Then, I spent the day editing, cropping, uploading to facebook, tagging photos and choosing photos for the slide show. 

If you remember, Jonah did not have a good experience last year at VBS.  I stand by the idea that 3 is TOO young for something like this.  He cried every day and begged not to go.  He wasn't alone because by the end of week last year, we had lost half of the kids his age.  It was tough.  This year was a different story.  He did great!  He loved the Worship Rally; although he didn't sing.  He loved the video.  He loved his class.  He loved the Bible Story.  He did not love recreation.  He said it made his legs tired and heart beat fast.  Oh, my little lazy boy!  He said snacks were the best part of the day!

Micah handled the week so well.  It was tough on him but he took it in stride.  His day usually begins around 9:30 a.m. but on this week, he was up at 7:00 a.m.  He didn't love that but he adjusted okay. 
The first day was good but Jonah's favorite things was seeing his daddy in the Worship Center after VBS was over.  We were in there for a Workers Meeting.  He was so happy to see "Pastor Dan!" He thinks it is so funny that people at church call his daddy "Pastor Dan."  He hears it so much during VBS that he reverts to it at home.  Cracks us up!

Our nursery during VBS is only open for children of workers.  Even with just those kiddos, there was a large group of kids in there all week.  This is there group picture.  Micah is hanging out on the right with Ben Beck!
These two boys had so much fun all week.  After being together for 4 hours each day, I'm pretty sure they would be fine as daycare babies as long as the other one was there too.  The love each other so much.  I love to see them together. 
One day, I caught Jonah's eye right after his class marched in and sat down.  I grabbed my camera and zoomed in just to catch this sweet face. 
Jonah was in one of the 4 year old classes.  There was a LARGE crowd of 4 year olds so it had to be split.  Most of his friends from school were in the other room.  He was fine either way. 
One of the days of VBS, the nursery did Water Day.  They managed to squeeze little Tubbo into his Swim Shirt and took him out to have a fun time with his friends.  As usual, Micah's mommy didn't think to bring any fun toys but Miller's mommy is supermom and totally covered for me.  This way he had something to play with chew on while outside. 
Somehow, these pictures got out of order because there lots more water day pics mixed in, but I had to show you Micah's face on day 2 or 3 of VBS.  He was not happy being woken up at that time of morning. 

Anyway, back to water day.  Micah shared the baby pool with his BFF, Miller, or Milly as we like to call him.  Miller is 6 weeks older than Micah but Micah looks like a giant next to him.  (Note to self:  Start taking him into the gym at the Y rather than leaving him in the nursery!)

On Thursday of VBS, Dan clearly presented the gospel using an illustration of a Trust Fall.  It did not help my feelings that he allowed a couple of 6 year olds to catch him.  Um, hello???  You do have children to think of.  But, now that he is okay, I can say "anything for the sake of the Gospel," right?  ;-)

I went in to check on my baby boy many times throughout the week.  Sometimes, I only had time to peek in but other times, I had a chance to get a quick kiss or play with he and Milly for a few minutes.  I loved seeing my boys throughout the day. 
Jonah was blessed to have Roxanne as his lead teacher.  He loved her and learned a TON.  She is a former teacher and elementary principal so she pretty much ROCKS as a VBS teacher.  Plus she is a grandma and loves little kids.  Win-Win if you ask me. 

As great as VBS is, we were all very happy to see Friday afternoon come.  It was a LONG and exhausting week.  So, we were all smiles as we met in the nursery to get Micah. 

VBS Celebration.  The kids sang songs while Jonah yawned and looked miserable.  He did much the same last year. After he joined me on the pew, I asked him why he acted like that.  He said he was embarassed because they told him his parents were coming to watch but didn't tell him ALL the parents were coming.  He thought it was just us.  Valid argument if you ask me.  ;-)

When his group finished, he joined Pap on our pew and continued to act miserable until the program was over.  Fortunately, Pap and Nana made things a little better for him and he did eeek out a smile or two!

After the program, we headed to the gym for an ice cream fellowship.  There were TONS of people there and LOTS of kids just as tired as my two.  I think we were all happy for the wonderful week but more than glad to see it end.  Now, we have 49 or so weeks to prepare for next year.  :-)

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Aja said...

Loved this post, but two comments: 1 (from me)- you're sweet, but I am SO not supermom! and 2 (from Holder)- when he saw the pictures of Jonah at the worship rally he said, "Jonah's NOT happy!" LOL!


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