Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home all day

Jonah:  Is today a stay at home day or a go somewhere day?

Me:  Stay at home day.

Jonah:  Good, my favorite days are stay home days with my family.  I like that the most.


Penny said...

That is SO sweet! :) Just curious~ how did Micah's h and a become mirror imaged in the picture on your header. And Jonah's name is not. So odd.

The Glenn Gang said...

I'm wondering the same thing? I paid her to change the photos and she did something in photoshop to them but I'm not sure what.

Our family image is switched too? I figured she did it just to make the photos work with the heading like it is?

Penny said...

Then she must have mirrored it, but still doesn't explain the letters being backwards~ and only on Micah's shirt, not Jonah's. ???
Most readers probably don't really examine your pictures that closely, but I do it to every pro pic. lol I do photography on the side a little, mostly just for family and close friends, so I'm always looking at the professionals' pics for ideas and Photoshopping techniques. lol


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